Film Letter to the Future

The experience of watching a film is nothing more or less than encountering an existence beyond oneself, having a reaction to it, and coming closer to an understanding of how others live. The spread of COVID-19 has revealed the “impairment” of human interaction and created a “divide” among people. It is because at this very time we have been deprived of the act of “speaking” to each other that YIDFF 2021 would like you to listen to the words and voices of others through films and confront the existence projected on the screen. Since September 2020, YIDFF has been showing award-winning films online to high school and university students in a program titled “Film Delivery for Teens” and introducing the opinions of those who have seen the films. This time, YIDFF 2021 presents three films that focus on the act of listening to others and is holding screening workshops for high school and university students, as well as a symposium on film education. We hope that the voices from the films and the responses to them will reach someone, somewhere, someday.

* The film screenings and workshop program are free for high school and university students who pre-register. The symposium on film education is open to all.